Safe Program

At we offer in connection with the first physical meeting with a dating relationship from our dating site, that you can buy our "Safe Program", which is an offer which should ensure that both the man and the woman will have a good and proper experience when meeting physically for the first time. It can be a challenge to travel all the way from the Philippines to Denmark or from Denmark to the Philippines when you have only met and talked together through the internet.

Therefore, we have simply made our Safe Program, as an offer, if both parties want to feel as safe as possible when you meet for the first time physically.

Our safe program offers seriousness and security for the parties involved, which includes:

- We know the man's residence and identity as security for the girl.

- We know the girl's residence and identity as security for the man.

- If the girl has to travel to Denmark (and the man pays for the ticket), we will receive the flight ticket for the girl as security for her seriousness.

- When traveling to Denmark, we receive the girl at the airport and briefly introduce the girl and the man at their first meeting.

- If the girl travels to Denmark, the girl is able to contact us during the stay, if the girl needs our assistance, or if urgent problems arise.

- On departure from Denmark we receive the man in the Philippines and make sure that he is introduced to the girl for the first time, just as he can always get in touch with us in the Philippines if he needs assistance or there is urgent problems.

Our Safe program is estimated to a maximum of 5 hours of assistance from us, but we will always try to be flexible if more time is needed and our assistance is urgent and relevant.