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At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, our values are our fundamental foundation, which makes it possible to create the best conditions and opportunities for our members to achieve the goal of finding their life partner—their soulmate.
AsiaDatingEurope.ph's values are therefore the prerequisite for us to be able to help fulfill our members' wishes and goals in the best possible way.
The values we have with our dating team and on our dating website are AsiaDatingEurope.ph's DNA and act as the backbone of everything we do on our dating website to constantly seek to improve our members' dating opportunities and experiences on our dating website.
At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, we want to be the preferred dating site if you are interested in meeting a European man with the exciting perspectives a dating relationship with a person from another country and culture can provide.
We are therefore constantly working to develop our dating site with the needs and requirements of the time, where elements such as usability, motivation, mutual trust and respect, good communication, and service are in focus.

1. AsiaDatingEurope.ph constantly strives to be a credible, committed, and professional partner for our members with ambitious and credible quality standards in all our stages and functions. We want a collaboration with our members that is driven by a high level of commitment, user-friendliness, dynamism, great drive, and infectious job satisfaction.

2. At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, we have a special passion for and good knowledge about dating across national borders, thereby bringing people from different cultural backgrounds together. Finding a partner with a different cultural background can provide a very special positive dynamic for the relationship, and this gives our team at AsiaDatingEurope.ph a passion for working with dating across cultures and borders, which is the primary driving force for everything we do within the dating area.

3. At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, we want to be a present and committed partner to our members.

We always strive for constructive communication with our members and are always open to a chat. Just as constructive communication is a keystone when it comes to finding your dating partner, then constructive and present communication is also a cornerstone in our interaction with our members.

4. At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, we want credible and serious members, and we constantly strive, as far as possible, to have serious dating profiles without fake and untrustworthy profiles. That's why we do a big job checking the content of profiles, so we best ensure that we have serious and credible dating profiles on AsiaDatingEurope.ph.

5. At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, it is important for us that our members behave properly and decently towards each other, so AsiaDatingEurope.ph is a cozy and inspiring place to be for our members.

Therefore, we hope that our members will help us to have a good and cozy environment on our dating site, and if you experience members that you suspect have fake profiles and/or behave indecently in relationships with other members, give us a notice about the profile and we will check the profile in more detail.

6. At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, we want that when talking to new people and possibly a future boyfriend, it should be a good experience for all parties. That is why it is important that our members have a good and positive approach to the dating market, and one of the most important parameters for a positive dating experience is that when we talk or meet, whether we become partners or not, we should see the conversation or meeting as a good, cozy, and inspiring experience where we have learned something about another human being.

We learn throughout our lives, and your dating conversations and meetings can often help to expand our knowledge and horizons, so see the dating talk and meetings as a really good opportunity to develop your relationship characteristics in relation to other people.

7. At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, we always want to attract, retain, and develop committed employees for the benefit of our members. AsiaDatingEurope.ph is therefore constantly ready for change and innovation and hereby works continuously with opportunities for improvement for our members.

8. At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, we get involved with our members on an ongoing basis. Our efforts to serve our members are based on commitment, cooperation, personal responsibility, and professionalism.

9. At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, we constantly strive to be efficient and service-minded. Our goal is always to serve our members quickly and efficiently, but we never compromise on the quality of our service.

10. At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, we are always ready for change, which means that we are open and curious about ongoing changes that can improve the quality and dating service for our members. We see change as a challenge, and we are constantly thinking of better opportunities and solutions for our members and solving the challenges that come with commitment and curiosity. We work as a strong team and are always looking for the opportunity to improve the existing opportunities that our existing online dating platform provides to our members.

11. At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, we respect each other and our members. We want to be an attractive and spacious dating site where personal and professional differences are respected and valued, and where all our employees and members are equally valuable. Therefore, we constantly strive to listen and communicate openly and with respect for each other. We always strive for good mutual and respectful cooperation.

12. At AsiaDatingEurope.ph, our experience is that the best results are achieved in well-functioning teams and through collaboration. Even though you as a member typically only communicate with one employee from us, we are still a team—with our colleagues, partners, and you as a member. That is why we are always open to good advice and constructive criticism from our members and partners. We believe that this philosophy means that we can continuously deliver the best dating experience for our members.