We are a team of partners with local people from the Philippines and also local people from Europe and Denmark who work closely together to find the best dating setup if you are interested in dating across foreign countries and cultures.
We have experienced that this combination of people working together from different countries provides a really good and serious set-up when you wish to find your dating partner in another country and from another culture.
You can read more about the dating philosophies we work with here: link to About Us.
Through our people in the Philippines, we have really good experience with dating relations between Filipino girls and European men, which often result in some good, strong, harmonious, and happy relationships, and that is why we have chosen to have a focus on conveying the dating relationship between Filipino girls and European men.
You can read more about Denmark and how it is to typically date a Danish man by clicking on the link to our Blog.
But it is also very important to us that when you date someone from another country, safety is a very important priority for us in connection with your dating, and therefore we have created our Safe program, which you can read more about here: link to our Safe Program.

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